i-Repair's repair service provides comprehensive diagnosis and repair services for Laptop's, Desktop's, Flat Panel Displays, Mobile Phones, PDA's, etc. for the Consumer and Business marke

Final Assembly & Test

i-Repair offers Assembly Services where various sub-assemblies are to be configured into one product. The fully assembled product is then tested according to customer specifications. This service is particularly interesting for manufacturers outside the European Union who are selling their product into Europe.

Screening, Rework/Modification and Verification

i-Repair provides customers with a full complement of product Modification, Upgrade, Re-work and Verification services. Due to our diverse range of capabilities, customers can expect a timely, flexible and satisfactorily service.


i-Repair specializes in testing, refurbishing and re-packing manufacturers' returns from the distribution chain. We refurbish your product to "like new" condition and upgrade various components to the latest revision level (including software/firmware) or other custom options to match Customer specifications.

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